Shannon Maloley

Shannon Maloley at Finch Chrysler

Shannon Maloley

VP Business Development

Finch Auto Group

Shannon Maloley, the VP of Business Development for the Finch Auto Group, brings extensive experience from her long-standing career in the automotive industry, which she entered in 2000. She began her professional journey after earning a diploma in the Child & Youth Worker program at Fanshawe College. Prior to joining Finch, Shannon worked for seven and a half years at Strickland’s in Stratford, a position that required a daily commute from her home in London.

Now working closer to home, Shannon enjoys more time with her family—her husband Scott and their two sons, Owen and Carter—while continuing to pursue excellence in her career. Her role at Finch Auto Group aligns with her personal and professional goals, allowing her to balance family life with a high level of career performance. Shannon's dedication to her job and her family makes her a valuable member of the Finch team.

Outside of her professional life, Shannon enjoys various activities such as hosting dinner parties, exercising, traveling, and spending quality time with her loved ones. She is an advocate for the Canadian Cancer Society, a cause deeply personal to her. Inspired by the positive impact of small actions, Shannon finds joy in helping others achieve their goals and maintains an optimistic outlook. Her positivity and dedication make her an asset to Finch Auto Group.