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Vehicle Recall Checks in London, Ontario

Your vehicle’s safety is tied in to your safety, and as such it’s important to be diligent regarding the state of your vehicle. There’s no point in taking any chances with your safety, which is why Finch Chrysler wants you to stay informed when it comes to your vehicle, and any possible safety issues or recalls surrounding it. While Finch Chrysler and the whole Fiat Chrysler Automotive group work hard to ensure that any and all recalls are communicated effectively and quickly, it never hurts to double-check. Read on to learn more about vehicle recalls, and how Finch Chrysler can help you in the event of a recall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Despite the best efforts of engineers, sometimes deficiencies or safety issues crop up after a vehicle has been released. Whether it be a valve or another piece of equipment that has prematurely aged due to the repeated stress of driving, if the vehicle’s manufacturer determines it will impact the vehicle’s long term safety they’ll invite you to bring the vehicle in for a recall to ensure that the issue is addressed long before it becomes a hazard. At this point, the repairs or replacement parts will be covered by the manufacturer, and you can have the work done for free at the dealership.

While every dealership will be able to complete the necessary maintenance, only Finch Chrysler offers our Finch Direct Service program. That means you don’t have to worry about bringing your vehicle in, you can let us handle it. For more information on vehicle recalls, we’ve put together a collection of frequently asked questions related to vehicle recalls in Ontario.

What is a VIN?

A VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number, a 17-character number from the manufacturer that helps identify your exact vehicle. Each of the 17 characters in your VIN have a special meaning, and will provide important information about your vehicle.

Where is the VIN located?

TYour vehicle’s VIN can be found in several locations, from your vehicle’s dashboard to the driver side door jamb labels; because it is so important, it will also be found in your vehicle’s title, registration, and insurance documents.

What is a safety recall?

A safety recall is when FCA Canada discovers a problem with one of their vehicles that will impact the safe operation of said vehicle. FCA Canada will fix the problem at no charge, even if the vehicle’s warranty has expired or you’re not the original owner.

What is an emissions recall?

An emissions recall is related to Canadian emissions standards; if a vehicle is found to not meet those standards, then FCA Canada will fix the problem at no charge even if the warranty has expired or you’re not the vehicle’s original owner.

What is a campaign?

Campaigns (sometimes Customer Satisfaction Notifications) are preventative measures involving warranty or customer satisfaction issues, such as non-safety repairs. Once again, FCA Canada will fix this problem on an FCA vehicle at no charge.

Do I need a recall notification to have my vehicle repaired?

No, you do not need a recall notification; if there is a safety, emissions, or customer satisfaction issue with your FCA vehicle, simply let us know and we can ensure your vehicle is repaired at no cost to you.

Check if your vehicle has any recalls:

Finch Chrysler and the Fiat Chrysler Automotive group will always work hard to share any recall information to people who may own the vehicles affected by a recall. We believe that the safety of our customers and their families are of the highest importance, and for you to feel comfortable and confident in our products, we will be forthright and do everything in our power to correct a problem with your vehicle’s safety or performance.

Vehicle owners will be notified by direct mail for any recalls; however, in the event that an address is incorrect, you’re not the original owner, or any other issue, it’s helpful to check if your vehicle has been the subject of a recall. Below, you’ll find a button that will take you to another page to check to see if your vehicle has been recalled—simply enter your vehicle’s VIN and check to see if any recalls or campaigns apply. If your vehicle has been affected, be sure to book your appointment with Finch Direct Service today!