Detailing Packages

Why Detail Your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram Vehicle?

Let’s face it: from hopping in and out of your vehicle everyday, to carrying gym bags or having a quick dinner on the go, your vehicle can get pretty dirty, pretty quickly. While tracking in dirt and grime is inevitable, you can still protect the exterior and interior—and integrity—of your vehicle by cleaning it regularly. Otherwise, over time your vehicle will be worn down by all the dirt and grime found inside your vehicle, leaving it looking grungy—and lowering your resale value.

The staff in the Finch Chrysler Detailing department love to see a beautiful, clean vehicle, and treats every car, truck, and SUV that comes through our bay doors as if it were their own. Not only will you be impressed with the care and attention to detail (no pun intended) our team executes—leaving your vehicle looking as good as new—but you’ll also be protecting the investment you’ve made in your vehicle. You’ll find a range of packages available below, covering a variety of needs and budgets, with one common goal in mind: keeping your vehicle clean, and helping to retain its value. So check out our detailing packages below, complete with minimum servicing time, and book your vehicle detailing package with Finch Direct!

Available detailing packages at Finch Chrysler

Additional Services

Mid/Full; Size Vehicle

(Minivan/SUV) - $29.95

Additional Pet & Child Service


Heavy Construction Cleaning


Ozone Odour Removal


Fresh Air Flow - HVAC Service

(Includes Cabin Filter) - $129.95

Engine Shampoo


Truck Box Cleaning


Bronze and Silver ONLY

Exterior Clay Bar, Acid Clean and Quality Paint Sealant - $44.95

We kindly request you to remove ALL personal belonging prior to leaving your vehicle in our care, as we will not be held responsible for missing or damaged personal items. Car seats and/or Child Restraints must be removed by the vehicle owner.

A fee of $49.95 will be added to the final bill if we need to remove items from your vehicle.