Tire & Jeep Parts Storage

Tire & Jeep Parts Storage in London, Ontario

Learn about how Finch Chrysler can help you keep your vehicle—and its parts and accessories safe, secure, and in top condition—all thanks to our revolutionary and convenient Finch Direct Service, as well as our Tire & Jeep Parts Storage, available to residents of London and surrounding Ontario communities!

Safe & Convenient Storage Courtesy of Finch Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Here at Finch Chrysler, we’re aware that both space and time come at a premium. Fall is a busy season, between getting the kids ready to go back to school or simply winterizing your yard, we understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate—even without being in the midst of a global pandemic—and storing your seasonal tires or Jeep parts is probably at the far back of your mind.

That’s why we offer simple, safe, and convenient storage for residents of London and the surrounding Ontario communities. Whether you’re just ready to swap into your winter tires and want to save the space in your garage (not to mention the pain of loading and unloading your tires into your vehicle), or you’re looking for a place to keep the soft-top from your Jeep, we offer an undisclosed and private off-site location to store your Jeep parts, tires, and more. And the best part is, with our Finch Direct Service program, you don’t have to lift a finger—we’ll come to you!

Secure Vehicle Parts Storage in Ontario

Whether you’ve got an expansive three car garage or your vehicle lives in an apartment parkade, we can all use a little extra bit of storage space around the home. Taking up that storage space with a stack of bulky tires or your Jeep’s soft-top doesn’t exactly feel like the best option, but what other option is available? A storage locker? Keeping your winter tires at your parents’ house? If the idea of driving an hour to Sarnia to pick up your tires and load them into your vehicle (don’t forget the Robaxacet), then driving an hour back to have them installed sounds fine to you, then great—but we can think of better excuses to grab a home-cooked meal.

So in an attempt to help lower both stress and your vehicle’s mileage, simply store your tires and parts with Finch Chrysler. We offer a safe and secure off-site location to store your extra gear, one that is temperature-regulated to ensure the fluctuating temperatures outside don’t negatively impact the integrity of your vehicle’s parts and accessories—certainly a step above your uninsulated garage! It doesn’t cost much*, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle parts are being kept in a safe environment—not to mention the convenience offered by Finch Direct Service—is well worth the price!

* Prices may vary for tire and parts storage, depending on the situation. Ask about how you can get free parts storage next time you’re in!

What Is Finch Direct?

Finch Direct Service is our way of giving back to London and the surrounding Ontario communities, by offering a simple and convenient service solution in these trying times. Just contact us through the button below, and we will find a time and place that works best for you and your needs! The reality is, despite rebranding the dealership waiting room as a lounge, you’re often still treated to subpar coffee, stale snacks, and a small TV replaying the previous night’s sports highlights ad nauseum. We’ll save you the hassle, and come directly to you to pick up your vehicle—so whether that means meeting you at work before your day starts, or before your tee time at Fanshawe, you can go about your daily business while we handle the rest.

Offering the full complement of our vehicle services, from routine maintenance like oil changes, to collision repair, detailing services, or swapping your tires or storing your extra parts and accessories, Finch Direct Service will come to you! Book and pay from your phone, and take comfort in knowing we’ve added a number of safety measures and protocols to ensure the health of both you and your vehicle.

Benefits of Tire & Parts Storage at Finch Chrysler

  • ✓Unparalleled convenience
  • ✓ We’ll do the heavy lifting
  • ✓ Stored in a secure location
  • ✓ Optimal temperature-regulation
  • ✓ Save space at home
  • ✓ Save yourself the trip to the dealership

Proper Tire Storage Protocol

  • 1. Tires must be stored in a clean environment
  • 2. Stored away from chemicals & harmful materials
  • 3. Kept in the dark, away from direct sunlight

Purchase Your Tires & Parts From Finch Chrysler

Winter tires are one of the most important accessories you can buy for your vehicle—and can save you a lot of money down the road. Luckily, our Parts Department is always stocked with some of the best winter tires available for the full range of Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles, not to mention a wide range of other parts and accessories to improve the utility, performance, and looks of your vehicle. Not only that, but Finch Chrysler offers a variety of incredible specials ranging from winter tires, to deals on service, as well as the Mopar Sign Up & Save program—and all of it is available through the incredibly convenient Finch Direct Service. Just give us a call and we’ll bring the incredible experience offered by Finch Chrysler to you, direct!